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Passing on the Faith to your child

How do you pass on your faith to your children?

Children need to know what your faith means to you. Talk to them, let them share your experiences, pray with them.

Let your home be a place where Christian values are evident – loving God and loving each other

Children learn by experience so they need to go to church in order to feel a part of it, to help them understand about the Mass, Sacraments and the community of our parish St John Vianney.

Remember that you are the most influential people in your child’s life, No one has all the right answers, Everyone is on a journey and it is important to share and enjoy that faith journey with your child.

If you would like any further advice or have any questions, please speak to any of our teachers who will be more than happy to help.

Times to pray at home

It is important to pray as a family to pass on your faith to your child. See below for some examples.

  • Before meals
  • Praying at bedtime
  • Thanking God for answering your prayers
  • Create a prayer scrapbook
  • Silent prayer time together
  • Hot chocolate/family prayer time
  • Using Bible verses in prayers
  • Using STOP (Sorry, Thank you, Others, Please)
  • Saying the Lord’s Prayer
  • Having a photo board of people whom you would like to pray for
  • Drawing prayers (younger children)
  • Using lego bricks as a prayer wall (add a brick each time you say a prayer together)

Useful links and resources to help you pass on the Faith to your children.

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