Chester Zoo Workshops

We welcomed Chester Zoo to school on Monday for interactive ‘Safari Ranger’ workshops.

Here are some examples of what the workshops included.

Year 2 really enjoyed the interactive workshops – ‘We learnt all about African animals and their habitats. First, we found Africa on a world map and then we talked about the terrain and what the weather is like. We then looked at some feathers and eggs and discussed what animal they belonged to. We were also able to feel real leopard fur! We learnt that Chester Zoo are helping to protect endangered species, to prevent them from becoming extinct. We learnt lots of great information today and look forward to using it in our work’.

Year 5 & 6 also explored what a life cycle was, looking at examples of mammals, amphibians and insects. The children participated in activities and games, exploring the life cycles of different species. Looking at a selection of different real eggs. They learnt just how diverse the animal kingdom is and the varying ways which the animals grow. They really enjoyed this fun and engaging workshop.