Sticking together 22.5.20

Good morning Nursery and a happy Friday to everyone! 


I hope everyone is doing well and you have all had a good week! 


Today, we are going to try a challenge that our whole school is getting involved in. It is called sticking together. 


I would like you to draw yourself on a piece of A4 paper. When you are drawing yourself, you need to make sure that you draw your arms and hands out to the side. You might wonder why are we doing this? When you have finished your pictures we would like you to send them to us. You can do this through email or twitter. Once we have got the drawings, we are going to hang them on our railings outside of school. When all of the pictures are next to each other it will look like everyone is holding hands! Won't that look beautiful! 


Remember to write your first name big and bold on your drawing so you can see it, maybe if you are walking or driving past school. 


Twitter details: message your child's drawing to either @StMarksHalewood or @vondy_miss 


Have fun everyone! It is going to look lovely! 


Lots of love, 


Miss Vondy and Mrs Costello x


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