Mad about Minibeasts 8.6.20

Good morning Nursery and welcome back!


I hope you and your family have all had a lovely half term and are continuing to stay safe and well! 


To begin our first week back, we are going to be looking at a story called 'Mad about Minibeasts'. Minibeasts are creatures that live all around us, some could be very close to you right now. 


Your first task is to find out what creatures are minibeasts and to find out more about them. To do this you can follow this link: to listen to the story 'Mad about Minibeasts' with your grown up. 


Once you have listened to the story, I would like for you and your grown up to have some talk time about minibeasts, some things that you could talk about during this time are:

  1. What was your favourite minibeast from the story and why? 
  2. Can you remember 3 minibeasts from the story? 
  3. Where can you find minibeasts? 
  4. If you were a minibeast, where would you live? 
  5. Can you make some of the noises that some minibeasts make? 


As part of your next task, I am going to ask you to go on a MINIBEAST HUNT! This part of the activity will include using some type of technology, whether that be an iPad or a similar electronic device with a camera on it to take pictures, this could also include a phone but remember to ask a grown up first for permission and support.   


This task could take part in your garden or if you are out on a walk with your family you could keep your eyes open for any minibeasts you might come across! Remember to take pictures of all the minibeasts you find, I would love to see what ones you can find around you. 


Have fun minibeast hunting! 


Missing you all so much, can't wait to hopefully see you all soon. 


Lots of love, 


Miss Vondy and Mrs Costello x







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