Minibeast House 9.6.20

Hello Nursery, I hope you are all having a lovely morning!


What did you think of our new story 'Mad about Minibeasts'? I hope you enjoyed learning about what minibeasts are! 


Today, we are going to be thinking about where minibeasts may live. Can you remember any examples from our story yesterday?


The same way that we have a home, so do the minibeasts. However, I know a few minibeasts that are in need of a new home. I told them that I have the best Nursery children and that you would be more than happy to build a new home for the minibeasts to live in. What do you think? Do you think you could help the minibeasts? 


For today's activity, you may want to go exploring for materials that you could use to build the minibeasts home like in your surroundings like: leaves, sticks, twigs, flowers etc. 

But, you may also want to use any scraps of material that you have in your house like: cardboard, a plastic bottle, an empty yogurt pot etc. 


Remember the minibeasts need to stay warm and comfortable, they told me that they are so excited to see what their new homes are going to be like. 


Here are a few ideas to help you when building your minibeast homes:


Good luck Nursery, the minibeasts and I can't wait to see the homes you create. Don't forget to upload your homes onto Twitter at @StMarksHalewood and @vondy_miss


Enjoy everyone! 


Lots of love, 


Miss Vondy and Mrs Costello x

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