Munching Minibeasts 10.6.20

Hello Nursery, 


Happy Wednesday morning! I hope that everyone is doing well and taking care. 


Today the minibeasts are very hungry. They asked me if Nursery had anything yummy that they could eat? 


Your challenge today is to feed the minibeasts! You will need to be extremely careful and use your fine motor skills to do so. Here is what we are going to do! 


You will need: a cupcake tray or a flat tray, some cupcake cases or post it notes or paper, a pen, something edible and small to move e.g. dry cereal, small sweeties or chocolates and a tool like tweezers. 


This link shows you something similar to what we are going to be doing:


If grown up's could write numbers on the inside of your cupcake cases or pieces of paper and place them on/inside the tray. 

The children then have to place the correct number of edible goodies into/onto the correct number e.g. one hula hoop onto the number etc. Remembering to only move the food using your tweezers. 


I am sure the minibeasts will love their food, I can't wait to see your yummy creations for the minibeasts. 


Enjoy Nursery, 


Missing you all lots and lots, 


Miss Vondy and Mrs Costello x





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