Moving like a Minibeast 12.6.20

Good morning Nursery, it is the last day of our first week back! 


I hope you have all had a lovely week! 


Today, to end our week we are going to be moving our bodies just like minibeasts would to get some exercise. 


For this activity you can either use a dice or some playing cards (1-6). I will leave links to both an interactive dice and playing cards for you to play this game. When you roll the dice or pick a playing card, whatever number or spots it lands on, you have to do the action below that matches that number. For example, if i roll 3 dots, I would have to crawl across the floor like a caterpillar. 


Dice -

Cards -


  1. Wiggle along the floor like a worm 
  2. Slither so slowly like a snail
  3. Crawl across the floor like a caterpillar
  4. Flutter like a butterfly moving your arms as wings
  5. Jump like a grasshopper 
  6. March like an ant


Have fun and remember the minibeasts will be watching to see how well you can move. 


Have fun and a lovely and safe weekend! 


Lots of love, 


Miss Vondy and Mrs Costello x



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