Little Red Riding Hood 15.6.20

Good morning Nursery, 


I hope you have all had a lovely weekend! 


This week we are going to be looking at a traditional tale for our story. We are all familiar with this story as we have looked at it briefly in Nursery. I will give you some clues to guess what it could be: 


  1. There is a little girl who wears a red cloak. 
  2. She goes through the woods to visit her grandma. 
  3. There is a big bad wolf in the woods. 


Can you guess what story it is!? Well's Little Red Riding Hood. 


Your first task today is to listen to the story of Little Red Riding Hood with your grown up by following this link:


Once you have listened to the story, I would like you and your grown up to have some talk time about what happened and what you remember. You could think about: 


  1. Who your favourite character in the story was? 
  2. Where was the story set/took place? 
  3. What did Little Red Riding Hood take to Grandma's? 
  4. Who did she meet in the woods? 
  5. Why was Little Red Riding Hood going to Grandma's? 
  6. Was it right for Little Red Riding Hood to go through the woods on her own? Why?
  7. Was it right that Little Red Riding Hood spoke to a stranger? Why?


Now that you have spoken about the story, your next task is to create a basket of food and drinks that you would like to take to a loved one to make them feel better. 


Firstly, pick the person you would like to give the food and drink to and why.

Then, see if you have that food and drink in your house to create a bag of things to take to them. 

Finally, choose a grown up you would like to go and deliver the basket with. 


This is such a kind thing to do for our loved ones, especially during this time. 


Have fun and I can't wait to see what you have put in your baskets. 


Lots and lots of love, 


Miss Vondy and Mrs Costello x

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