What happened in the story? 24.6.20

Hello Nursery, 


I hope everyone is doing well, how did your bears taste yesterday? Yummy I hope. 


Today, I want to see if you can remember what happened in our story? 


Turn to your grown up and tell them all of the things you can remember from our story, 'We're going on a bear hunt.' 


For your task today, in your home learning packs from school, you should have a cutting and sticking story sequencing frame to order the story to show what events happened as they were going on the bear hunt. 


If you don't have a learning pack just yet, see if you can draw the events that happened in the story like: going through the grass and what noise did it make etc. 


If you need some help with remembering what happened in the story you can always listen to the story again which you can find on Monday's home learning page 22.6.20


Have fun my story tellers! 


Lots of love, 


Miss Vondy and Mrs Costello x



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