What do Dinosaurs lay? 7.7.20

Good morning Nursery, 


I hope you enjoyed our story yesterday 'Dinosaurs love Underpants'. 


Today we are going to be thinking about what dinosaurs lay? Can you have a think and talk about it with a grown up? Well done, that's right, dinosaurs lay eggs. Watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cqgp0950oS4 of the egg and observe what happens during the time lapse. 


After watching the video, discuss with your grown up what you could see, what happened?, did you expect for that to happen? 


Today, you are going to create and design your very own dinosaur egg! 


With the help, support and permission of your grown up, together you could learn how to boil an egg! Once your egg is boiled and cooled you can then begin to design the outer shell of your egg, this can be done with pens. 


Here are a few examples to help you along the way: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/378583912428411266/


Once you have designed your egg, you could leave it for a while and then crack and peel it to make it hatch just like in the time lapse. 


Enjoy today's activities and have fun! 


Missing you all lots, 


Miss Vondy and Mrs Costello x

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