Counting worms - Tuesday 19th May

Good morning Reception,


I hope you all had a lovely Monday filled with lots of fun!

If yesterday was Monday then what day is it today? 

Well done, it's Tuesday. Let's sing our days of the week song... 

Days of the week song 


Don't forget to keep logging on to Mathletics, a little practice each day is perfect! 


Today, we're going to listen to another story about worms... 

(The story starts at approx. 40 seconds)

I can only draw worms by Will Mabbit


Now, let's have a look at today's activity, I think there might be lots of counting so get your maths brains ready! 

Maths activity

PARENTS: Today's maths activity may seem repetitive but, as they say, practice makes perfect!


Challenge time

For those of you who would really like to challenge yourselves today, could you draw a worm that counts up in twos? Counts in odd numbers? Counts in tens? Can you think of any number patterns of your own? Ask an adult to help you. 


Well done for all your hard work, a little each day is all it takes :) 


Have a super day,

Miss Connell x 

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