How long will it take you? Wednesday 20th May

Good morning Reception, 


On Monday we listened to a new story called 'Superworm'.

On Tuesday we practiced counting forwards and backwards. 

On... who can tell me what day it is today? 

Well done... it's Wednesday! 

On Wednesday, Reception are going to have some fun keeping fit! I've heard the weather is going to be nice today so this activity will be perfect! First, we're going to talk about time and what it is because this will help us with today's activity.

PARENTS: Show your child a timer, let them watch as the numbers count up or down? This could be done on a smart phone, iPad, tablet, smart watch, use the second hand on a clock... there are so many different ways of displaying this. You may even have a sand timer in your house. It is not important at this phase that your children understand seconds, minutes and hours but that time is measured by something e.g. before, after, next, tomorrow, yesterday!


Now let's get physical just like Superworm did in our story. We're going to create an obstacle course outside and time ourselves to see how long it takes to complete it. See below for some ideas. Don't forget to let me know how long it took you!

Indoor obstacle course

Avengers style

You can use almost anything, don't forget to be creative!


Yesterday, today, tomorrow 

Talk to your child about yesterday, today and tomorrow. Create a calendar showing what you did yesterday, what you will do today and what you will do tomorrow. This could be changed each day. This is also a good way of practicing the days of the week!


Sending a 'Miss Connell squish' from home, 

Miss you lots x 


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