Minibeast hunt - Friday 22nd May

Good morning Reception,


If yesterday was Thursday then what day is it today?

Well done, it's Friday. 

Here's a tricky one... what day will it be tomorrow? 


Today, we're going to listen to some rhymes all about minibeasts.

Twist and Hop Minibeast Bop


Now, let's go on a minibeast hunt!

Can you find any minibeasts in your garden or on your daily walks?

Here's a list to help you:

  • spider
  • slug
  • beetle
  • snail
  • ladybird
  • ant
  • worm
  • caterpillar
  • butterfly 

Maybe you could draw pictures of the minibeasts you find, or ask an adult to help you take a photograph.

Can you write about the minibeasts you have found? Choose your favourite one and tell me something about it, maybe you could write a sentence about it or make a list of words to describe it.

Ask an adult to help you find out lots of interesting facts about your favourite minibeast online. The websites below might help you.

Minibeast Facts

More about minibeasts

BBC Bitesize - what are minibeasts?

Woodland Trust - what are minibeasts?


PARENTS: Please note, there is a lot of information on the websites above, just use what is interesting/relevant to your child. There are some great videos and images to look at and talk about together.


Have an amazing day, 

Miss Connell x 

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