Who lives in the sea? Tuesday 9th June

Good morning Reception, 


If yesterday was Monday, does that mean today is Wednesday? 

Of course not... silly me, it's Tuesday! Well done.


Do you remember the story we listened to yesterday? Who was in the story? Where did they go? What did they see?


Today, we're going to watch a short video about animals that live in the sea, just like the snail and the whale in our story. Before you watch it, can you think of 3 different animals you might find in the sea? Tell an adult.

BBC Bitesize Clips


Think about all the different sea animals you saw in the video, which was your favourite? Mine is the turtle!

Can you draw, paint or make a model of your favourite sea animal and write your favourite fact about it. Ask an adult to help you. 


Here are my facts for a turtle:

1. Turtles have a hard shell that protects them like a shield.

2. Most turtles can hide their heads in their shells when they're being attacked. 

3. Turtles have existed for about 215 million years. 


Have fun exploring today,  

Miss Connell x 


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