Snail trails - Wednesday 10th June

Happy Wednesday Reception, 


It's been lovely to see some of your work this week already, I'm very proud of all your hard work!

Don't forget to keep logging onto mathletics and joining in with phonics on You Tube - you're all doing so well!


Today, we're going to start off by reminding ourselves of our tricky words songs.

Tricky words song 1

Tricky words song 2


Don't forget to sing them a few times to remind you of the songs.

Do you think you can use some of these words in a sentence? Tell an adult your sentence first before you write it down! REMEMBER: capital letter, finger spaces, full stop and check it makes sense.


Now, we're going to listen to another story about a snail with lots of colours. 

Matisse's magical trail


Matisse the snail was named after a famous artist called Henri Matisse. Take a look at this website to learn a little more about him. 

Henri Matisse


Do you think you could make a collage of the snail like Henri's? You could do this by tearing up different pieces of paper. If you don't have coloured paper you could colour or paint different shapes and place them together to create a snail just like Henri Matisse's.


I can't wait to see your wonderful creations, 

Miss Connell x

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