Save the Oceans - Friday 12th June

Good morning Reception, 


Today is the last day of school until next week. Can anybody remember what day that is?

Tomorrow is the start of the weekend? Which days make up our weekend?


How's phonics going? Amazing, I'm sure. I love Rosie's phonics lessons on You Tube! From next Monday, she's going to do some sentence lessons with you too, they're called 'Hold a sentence' so watch out for them.


Today, we're going to learn a little bit about 'saving the oceans'. Watch and listen to the two stories below to find out a little more. 

A whale's tale

Save the Oceans 


Now, I wonder if you can create a poster like the little boy in 'A whale's tale' asking people not to litter the oceans? Maybe you could display these in your windows at home so that people can see them on their daily walks. 


Another activity if you have time:

As it's Friday, I thought today we would get creative. This week we have been learning about different animals that live under the sea. I wonder if you can make your own sea scene! Have a little look at some of the ideas below. You could make 'sea snacks' and eat them for lunch!



Whatever you decide to do today, I hope you have lots of fun and have a super weekend!

Speak to you again on Monday, 

Miss Connell x

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