The Lighthouse Keeper's Picnic - Tuesday 16th June


Good morning everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed the story from yesterday. Do you remember what happened? Tell an adult.  


Today, we have another story about Mr Grinling the lighthouse keeper. I wonder what might happen?


The Lighthouse Keeper's Picnic (story starts at approx. 10 seconds)

Tell an adult what is the same in both of the stories and what is different?

Are the characters the same? Are there any new characters?

Do you prefer today's story or yesterday's? Why? 


Now, I'd like you to have a think about which food you'd like to take on a picnic. Can you make a list of the food you'd like to take? Would you take sandwiches? What would you drink? Would you take a special treat for after lunch?

I'd like you to write a shopping list of all the food you would need to buy and then maybe you could make your very own picnic sandwich for lunch!


Have a super day, 

Miss Connell x  


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