What makes you...? - Tuesday 23rd June

Good morning Reception, 


We haven't done this for a while... who can tell me what day it is today? 

What day was it yesterday? So, what day will it be tomorrow?

Well done... Super work!



Can you count to 20 and backwards for an adult or a big brother or sister who lives in your house? 

Next, see if you can give them an odd number?

What about an even? 



Yesterday, we listened to a story about a monster who has lots of colours. I loved all of your colour monsters, they were amazing! I love how you matched the colours to the feelings, well done!


Now, at the end of the story, what did the colour monster do with his feelings?

That's right... he put them into jars. I wonder if you can do that today. If you have a jar at home maybe you could use a real jar for today's activity. If not, then don't worry, you could use a special box or you could simply draw a jar on a piece of paper. 


Now, I would like you to think of all the things that make you happy and put them into your happy jar. You could use objects, photos, images or simply draw or write them on pieces of paper and place them in your jar. If you have drawn your jar, you could simply draw them inside it. 


What would be in Miss Connell's jar?

In my jar, I would place a picture of the sun because it's warm on my skin and it reminds me of summer holidays. I would draw a picture of Jack (my dog) because we always have fun. Finally, I would write down the words of my favourite Christmas song, 'Walking in a Winter Wonderland' because it makes me smile when I think of happy times at Christmas. 


What will be in your jar today? 

Can you create more than one feelings jar?

Have a lovely day, 

Miss Connell x

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