What does Oliver eat? Monday 29th June

Good morning everybody, 


I hope your weekend was nice and relaxing and that today is a great day!

Today, we're going to listen to a new story, you may have heard this one before, it's one of my favourites.

Oliver's Vegetables


Can you tell an adult which part of the story was your favourite? Maybe you could draw or write about it.


Now, who can remember talking about healthy and unhealthy food? Let's see what you can remember by completing today's activity about sorting healthy and unhealthy food. Can you keep a diary of what you have eaten today? When you have done that you, you might want to have a go at some pattern work like you'll see in the link below. 

Activity link


Don't forget to still take part in phonics with Rosie on You Tube, Mathletics and try and read a little each day too! 


Have a brilliant day, 

Miss Connell x

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