Year 1

'Sticking Together'

Year 1, we have been set a challenge...


You are officially creative, little geniuses...

'Tuesday Science' - 19th May 2020

New topic... 'Seasonal Changes'

'Come and See Monday' - 18th May 2020

Our new topic... Holidays & Holy Days.

'Geography Wednesday'

Let's take a look at our capital city...

'Tuesday Science'

How do plants grow?

'Come and See Monday' 11th May 2020

Find out more about our 'Changes' topic...

'Geography Wednesday'

'Towns and Countryside'

Tuesday Science

From wild plants to garden plants...

'Come and See Monday' - 4th May 2020

Finding out more about our topic 'CHANGE'...

Help with Maths...

Mr Double Trouble will be able to help you learn all about 'doubling'...

The basics...

If you can, try your best to keep up with Phonics, reading and maths!

1 a day!

Fancy doing a quick daily maths activity?

'Geography Wednesday'

Fabulous Flags...

'Tuesday Science'

Wild Plants...

'Come and See' Monday.

'Change' is our new topic - let's see what it's all about!


Come on everyone, you still have a couple of days to get those points, earn a certificate and have your name on the Year 1 leader board!!!

Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow!

I heard some fantastic news yesterday...


Today is world 'Earth day'

'Geography Wednesday'

How much do you now know about the United Kingdom (U.K.)?

'Tuesday Science'

Terrific trees!

Marvellous Mathematicians...

Daily maths lessons
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