Year 6


20.05.2020 - This week, the whole school is being set a challenge ...

Welcome to your HOME LEARNING page Year 6!

Click on this link and it will provide some useful hints and tips to keep your mind and body active over the next few weeks! We will upload a new activity everyday - they will be linked to different things such as English, Maths, History, Science, Art & Design, Music, Geography, Computing, Design Technology, etc … Keep safe and we'll see you soon, Miss Ferguson and Mrs Williams xx


Updated every Monday with the previous week's leader board - keep reading at least one book a day! Week 1 = 23rd March - 27th March / Week 2 = 30th March - 3rd April / Week 3 = 6th April - 9th April / Week 4 = 20th April - 24th April / Week 5 = 27th April - 1st May / Week 6 = 4th May - 8th May / Week 7 = 11th - 15th May / *Week 8 = 18th - 22nd*

Draw with Rob!

22.05.2020 - Fancy learning how to draw? Then follow the link to improve your art skills!

Challenge Yourself 5!

21.05.2020 - another list of fun personal challenges for you to do at home!

History - WW2 lesson 5

21.05.2020 - the final instalment of History lessons about WW2

Virtual Tours of the World's Best Locations

20.05.2020 - fancy visiting places that we can't get to? Have a look at some of these virtual tours!

Geography - UK counties

19.05.2020 - Geography lesson! We have studied the counties of England before so here is a recap lesson.

History - WW2 lesson 3 & lesson 4

18.05.2020 - the third and fourth instalment of our History lessons about WW2

Halewood Academy Virtual Tours

15.05.2020 - If you are one of the 18 members of Year 6 attending Halewood Academy in September - then follow this link!

Tate Museum - art activities

15.05.2020 - A selection of interesting activities from the Tate Modern website.

SATs - Reasoning (Maths Paper 3)

14.05.2020 - the fourth and final day of our SATs Week!

SATs - Arithmetic (Maths Paper 1) & Reasoning (Maths Paper 2)

13.05.2020 - It is the third day of our SATs Week and the first of our Maths papers!

SATs - Reading Paper

12.05.2020 - Today is the second day of your SATs Week!

SATs - SPAG paper

11.05.2020 - On what would have been the first day of our SATs week …

Happy 75th VE Day!

07.05.2020 - On Friday 8th June 2020 - it is 75 years since the end of the Second world War

Science experiment time!

07.05.2020 - I have uploaded instructions to two science experiments you can do at home!

Come & See - Summer 1 activity

07.05.2020 - Have a look at the Religious Education activity about Pentecost.

Geography - Capital Cities of the World

06.05.2020 - a little bit of geographical fun for you!

History - WW2 lesson 1 & lesson 2

05.05.2020 - the first two lessons about our History topic of WW2

'May The Fourth Be With You!'

04.05.2020 - a bit of fun for you all! Happy Star Wars Day!

It's the month of May!

01.05.2020 - It's the first day in May! It is often called the Month of Mary who was Jesus' Mother. Try writing some poetry or create a painting about Mary or the month of May. I have attached some useful planning sheets to help you focus your ideas.

Challenge Yourself 4!

30.04.20 Spell your name using the letters and complete the activities next to them!

Spanish - hola!

29.04.2020 - Spanish! Why not take a break from the English and Maths and complete some daily lessons in Spanish? Duolingo is a brilliant app for continuing your Spanish language (you were all so good when we had lessons with Senorita Darlington!) Also when you get to high school - Spanish will be taught there too.

Captain Tom Moore

28.04.2020 - find out all you can about Captain Tom Moore and write an information text about him. I have added the planning pages needed as well as the structure of the layout.

Music linked with Computing

27.04.2020 - click on the link and see some new website that link computing with music - some of it is linked to coding (like Scratch) which you are all really good at!

Challenge Yourself 3!

24.04.2020 - Challenge yourself - when we are back at school, we shall be continuing with our Daily Mile targets so make sure you keep up your fitness

Horrible Histories

23.04.2020 - go on the Horrible Histories website to keep up to date with all your History knowledge. They have some funny short videos that also give you key information about times in the past.

Computer Skills

22.04.2020 - keep those Computer skills fresh and up to date with these fun games. Computing is an important life skill.


21.04.2020 - some useful website links to improve your internet safety. It's important you always stay safe when online - always speak to your adult at home if you are unsure about something you see or hear online :)
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