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Ann Farrell (1544600904GMTC+00:00)
What a brilliant choir we have!! What an amazing performance last night. Well done everyone. Very proud of the children of St Mark’s School.
liz (1544529015GMTC+00:00)
We had the pleasure of sitting behind a large group of children and staff from the school earlier today. They were an absolute credit to the school. The children were all well mannered and polite. The staff obviously had a great rapport with the children and I can't praise them enough.
The show was excellent and it was great to see how enthralled they all were with the show, and how engaged they were.
best regards
Linda Naylor
Harvey Routledge (1539973165BSTC+00:00)
Hi. It's Harvey here. I'm enjoying SFX and I am doing well.
hollie o'sh (1539600257BSTC+00:00)
Hi, I hope everyone's okay. I miss you all so much. Hope to see you soon xxxx
I love doing Rock Kidz

Can’t wait for the concert tomorrow
Liam Hickson (1530713858BSTC+00:00)
From the moment I walked through the school gate at St. Marks, I was greeted by an inclusive ethos, I had not experienced before. The motto 'together we love, learn, laugh and achieve', could not have been more appropriate. Children and staff work tirelessly, in partnership, to be the best they possibly can be and this rubs off on visitors to the school. Smiles, manners and positive attitudes take a second, but last a lifetime in the memory of those that receive. Thank you again for a wonderful greeting and I hope to be invited back again soon!
Alicia Harvey (1526681177BSTC+00:00)
Hey guys I heard that yr 6 have finished their SATs. I've got my big test coming up soon aaahhh! I miss all of you so much and hope to see you very soon xx
ceri mcintyre (1525954348BSTC+00:00)
Hi everyone, I miss the school so much but hopefully will come and visit soon. I miss all the teachers and would like to congratulation Mrs Martin a.k.a Miss McMurchie on the birth of your little one. Miss you all xxxxx
Ann Farrell (1521200510GMTC+00:00)
I would like to give a big 'thank you' to Year 5 pupils and staff for the kind invitation to experience the school visit to see the Terracotta Warriors in Liverpool last Thursday. It was an amazing experience to view the warriors and artefacts that were on display. What was just as good was being able to spend time with year 5 pupils. We had some great conversations on the train to and from the exhibition and at lunchtime too. There were lots of opportunities to ask questions and collect some interesting facts. Everyone was so well behaved and I was very proud to be part of the group. We also had time to see the dinosaurs, ancient Egypt exhibition and the Bug House – a busy day !! Many thanks to the staff for organising the day and working so hard to support our children.
Lois Kelly (1519931169GMTC+00:00)
Hey guys it's me Lois, did everyone get dressed up for world book day? I know I did. I met Mr Cushion and Miss Ferguson today and also a few of the year 6 students in a careers carousel with collages and my very own school Halewood Academy. I hope you are all having a great time and I will hope to be back to see you all soon. I miss every single one of you, even the teachers, you made me laugh through all my years in St. Mark's. I do and will always love St. Mark's. It's been my life since day one. Love Lois xx
milly (1517855544GMTC+00:00)
The dance performance today was fun. I will miss doing it every Monday.
Joe shipway (1516387296GMTC+00:00)
Hi everyone, I'm in year 9 now and I'd like to leave a message for Mr Noblett. You'd be considered one of the best PE teachers at SFX.
Ann Farrell (1515507888GMTC+00:00)
I attended the Mass for the Sick at St Marks Church last month and it was great to hear children from our school singing. The comments from the parishioners who attended were very complimentary as well. We should be so proud of all who participated. Well done !
Ann Farrell (1515507672GMTC+00:00)
Well Christmas has come and gone and everything was so busy I forgot to put my congratulations message on ! All of the Christmas performances were breathtaking. Brilliant singing and acting - the sets and costumes were great - so much work and effort - but it was all worthwhile - providing us with the real message of Christmas -- and if that wasn't enough the Carol Concert at St Marks Church was really good too. Despite the fog children parents staff an evening of Christmas music and carols. Thank you
Alicia Harvey (1515352615GMTC+00:00)
Hey guys. It's Alicia here, I just would like to say I miss you all. I hope Year 6 are working very hard, because SATs are almost here. I would also like to congratulate Mrs Martin and her new baby xx
Drilochan (1512847368GMTC+00:00)
I can't believe we came second in the Knowsley finals. Well it looks like we are in the Merseyside and Cheshire Final. Good luck team.
Ella Cross, Ceri McIntyre and Gursharan Singh (1512490285GMTC+00:00)
Hi everyone, we are in year 8 now but we still miss St. Marks a lot. We have just moved into the new building and have seen lots of old pupils from St. Marks. Ceri says Hi to Mr. Cushion, miss you all.
Drilochan (1512326967GMTC+00:00)
Congratulations on your baby 'Christopher' Mrs Martin. xxxxxxxx!
Drilochan (1512325377GMTC+00:00)
Good luck for the Knowsley Final everyone !!!!!! Hopefully we win and move onto the Merseyside and Cheshire Final.
Drilochan (1512325308GMTC+00:00)
I love doing Shakespeare. So doing it next year.
Ann Farrell (1511785356GMTC+00:00)
Experienced a great evening of Shakespeare last week !!! The comments from the organisers were so true - a brilliant production with everyone doing their best. So much hard work and it all paid off --- well done
liz (1511194326GMTC+00:00)
To the Chair of Governors,
Not for the first time the children's participation at Mass was respectful, involved and spiritual. However it was the feast of All souls and I imagine a sensitive approach to the liturgy was needed and so it was. The singing and responses were very good, I did not count how many individual children spoke and read, it must have been more than a dozen.
I would like to commend the staff for the organisation and preparation needed on this particular feast.
Thank you
Mary Lonsdale
Evie Schofield (1508770699BSTC+00:00)
Hi everyone. It's Evie! I miss you all so so much. To the children who are in year 6 now I just want to say that you have a lot of hard work ahead of you but you will also have a lot of fun like PGL and red zone every day when you have SATS! Good luck to you all. love from Evie xxx
Amelia Cooper (1507762498BSTC+00:00)
Now I’m aware that I’m in Year 8, but I miss St. Mark's, the teachers, the students, the atmosphere was impeccable. Seeing Children from our school to come up to Halewood is extremely overwhelming. Mrs Martin ( Miss McMartin XD ) Just thought I'd say congratulations as I know you are pregnant . October wedding last year and an Autumn baby, how brilliant! - Love from Coops
Lois Kelly (1504895235BSTC+00:00)
Missing everyone in St Mark's, hope you are all doing great in your new classes. I am so sad that I left St Mark's and hopefully I will be back to visit soon.
Jayne Cross (Governor) (1499283466BSTC+00:00)
Just wanted to thank year 5 for letting me accompany them to The Big Bang Science Fair on Tuesday. It was great to see their enthusiasm and interest all the exhibits. I'd also like to congratulate them on their excellent behaviour throughout the day. Two members of the public commented on how well behaved everyone was on the bus.
Well done year 5. You are a great credit to St Marks.
Alicia yr6 (1495658278BSTC+00:00)
SATs are over, Phew! I know this sounds silly but I actually miss them. We've only got a couple of weeks left but I'm ready for the hard work that's coming. I'm going to miss St. Mark's so much but I'm looking forward to my new school.
Amelia Cooper (1493066473BSTC+00:00)
Dearest Year 6 pupils (XD) May I remind you to make every day at St. Mark's count as you have happy and funny moments and you will soon realise that they will become fond memories. My time at St. Mark's was amazing! I hope that yours is too, I just wanted to wish you the best of luck for your SATs (They are so easy but you must study!! If I didn't say this, then I'm sure Mrs Martin and Mrs Ferguson will come for me!). When you leave St. Mark's you will realise that it's no longer a place you visit for 7 hours 5 days a week, it's a memory that you should not let fade away and it is something you will thank in years to come as you will have made mates there and you will have had a amazing education that you will use to do exceedingly well in your SATs! Have fun and good luck . Hope to see some of your faces again soon. Amelia x
leah donohue (1491561101BSTC+00:00)
I miss St. Mark's so much.
Tony Christy (1490363782GMTC+00:00)
Just had a mooch of the site to see what was going on in my old school. I attended the Infants School from 1969-71 and then the Junior School from 71 finishing in 1974.
As far as I can remember.. teachers were Eddie Lomax, and Miss Delaney in Infants.
Junior School teachers were... Mr Fargher, Miss Riley and Miss Burns (who became Mrs Robertson (or could have been RobINson...) Her husband owned Tuers Garage.
Miss Bailey was the Infant Headmistress and Mr McGuiness was the Headmaster of the Juniors.
Great days.. loved it.
Evie (1488730683GMTC+00:00)
I loved World Book Day! It was so fun to see all the teachers dressed up as well as all of us pupils. I wish we could do this every day.
Lochana SureshKumar (1485697192GMTC+00:00)
I miss St. Mark's so much!
caitlin (1485624545GMTC+00:00)
St Mark's is the best school ever!
Mrs Farrell (1478128132GMTC+00:00)
Brilliant evening at the Capstone Theatre watching our fantastic children in their production of A Midsummer Nights Dream. Everyone performed so professionally. So proud of you all- you were amazing. Well done everyone who helped to create and who supported the production. Hard to find the words to say how brilliant you all were.
Lochana :) (1476965820BSTC+00:00)
Hi everyone. It's amazing in Bluecoat. I miss all of the ex year 6's. Bye!
Milly (1476212835BSTC+00:00)
I loved going horse riding with the school. I loved riding Robin and really miss the horses. I would love to go back to the stables again.
Alanya (1475740482BSTC+00:00)
Thank you so much for letting St. Mark's go horse riding because you have made me want to join a club.
Sam Cross (1474296417BSTC+00:00)
I really enjoyed our come and see lesson today in year 6, we were learning about the prodigal son, it was extremely interesting. I also liked the way Mrs Martin taught us so we understood the story.
ceri mcintyre (1473455792BSTC+00:00)
I miss St.Mark's very much, especially all the teachers. I will come and visit soon!
charlee pritchard (1473420180BSTC+00:00)
Hi it's Charlee, I really miss St. Mark's. I want to come back, it is the best school ever! MISS YOU X
Alicia (1469374265BSTC+00:00)
I'm so sad and so is all of Year 5 because we are not having Mrs Taylor in Year 6 with us. I'm going to miss her even though she's next door it wont be the same.
Alicia the new yr6 (1469373871BSTC+00:00)
I am scared going in to Year 6 because we will have Sat's and we're going to be the oldest children in the school so we have to show the younger children how to behave and we've got to be more responsible.
Vicky Rhead (1469048798BSTC+00:00)
Well done year 6 on a brilliant leavers assembly today. Good luck in your Secondary Schools. I hope they appreciate what a talented group they're getting!
Ella (1469035977BSTC+00:00)
I can't believe tomorrow is my last day in St.Mark's ever! I am so sad to be leaving after nine years of fun. All the staff and teachers throughout the years have been amazing. I have learnt so much and have made many friends. I've had wonderful experiences which I will never forget! Thank you St.Mark's - I'll be back to see you.
Milly Alcock (1468524541BSTC+00:00)
The Champion of Champions was lots of fun. I came second with Alanya, Jessica and Gabby and am happy that we got a silver medal.
I loved Athletics today. I got 2 gold medals and 1 bronze medal. I will miss it I ❤️ St. Mark's.
Amelia (1468273626BSTC+00:00)
It's nice to know that everyone had a great time at PGL and Andy decided to go on our website :) I LOVED PGL, you get to know different skills and make friends and teachers. I love St.Marks and I never want to leave.
Alicia yr5 (1468085509BSTC+00:00)
I love yr 5 and miss Doyle is the best teacher and Mrs Taylor is the best assistant teacher
Isla (1468014609BSTC+00:00)
Today was really good. We did the olyimpics and it was lots of fun. It was the best day ever.
Alicia yr 5 (1467910806BSTC+00:00)
Hi, I would just like to say I am so looking forward to a Midsummer Nights Dream. I'm Puck and I'm doing a dance. I am so looking forward to it and Mrs Rhead is so helpful.
Andy! PGL (1467482996BSTC+00:00)
St Marks came to PGL on the 24th June and i was lucky enough to be their group leader. I would to just say a massive thank you to all children and teachers who came along to PGL for making my weekend a brilliant, fun and and most importantly a funny one! Its also very nice to be asked to write in the schools guest book as i can read the comments on here about PGL and knowing a contributed to the children having a such a great time is an incredible feeling and is why i love doing what i do. It was a pleasure meeting all the year 6's as their are some awesome characters and i dont think I'll be forgetting you guys in a hurry! I wish all you guys (children) massive... Massive good luck in the future! I will hopefully see some of the teachers back here again next year when we can do it all over again! ('WATER!!!' - 'MELON!!!')
Alicia yr5 (1467407781BSTC+00:00)
I am so looking forward to Year 6 but I will miss Year 5 and Miss Doyle. I'm not looking forward to Sats ahhhh!
Rachel McAllister (1467294226BSTC+00:00)
My name is Rachel McAllister and I was one of the very lucky PGCE Primary students that had the pleasure to teach Year 3 a Spanish lesson yesterday.
I would just like to express my gratitude for your hospitality and welcoming us into your wonderful school and enabling us to work with such lovely, diligent and well behaved young children. I spent my last 14 weeks of teaching practice working with Year 3 and cannot stress how much I enjoyed working with St. Mark's pupils even more!
I would like to thank the kind Year 3 class teacher for welcoming us into her class yesterday and allowing us to have fun learning Spanish with her pupils.
I hope in the future I can work in a school as lovely as yours and wish all the pupils and staff of St. mark's Primary School a fun end of term celebration and Summer holiday.
Bethany (1467118629BSTC+00:00)
I loved PGL, it was really fun doing all the activities and trying different things. Mr Harvey and Mr Cushion pushing us all in doing kayaking and raft building was really funny!
Jayne Cross (1467064726BSTC+00:00)
Just wanted to thank year 4 for inviting me to their class mass last Thursday. It was a lovely mass and all the children read and sang beautifully. I also took the opportunity to talk to some of year 4 about school and to have a look at some of the work they've done this year. They were all very proud to show me their work books and talk to me about different stories they had written. Several of them talked about reading and the different opportunities there are in school , the enthusiasm was great.

Congratulations to the school for getting the Reading Quality Mark Gold Award - what an achievement! Well done to everyone involved.
Jayne Cross (1467063375BSTC+00:00)
Just wanted to thank the school for taking year 6 children to PGL this weekend. Thank you to the staff for the regular tweets and photographs which allowed us to follow the children on their adventures. Ella has had an amazing time and can't stop talking about it. I'm sure it is an experience she will remember for a long time. Thanks to all the wonderful teachers who also went, hope you all enjoyed it as much as the children have x
Vicky Rhead (1467042022BSTC+00:00)
Thanks to all the teachers who helped to make the kids' weekend at PGL so good. Erin is home and she hasn't stopped talking! She's clearly had a brilliant time. Thanks to them all, what wonderful Year 6 memories!
Milly Alcock (1466282642BSTC+00:00)
The athletics competition at Wavertree was lots of fun. I am really happy that I am getting a silver medal.
Lochana and Evie (1464101277BSTC+00:00)
We both were watching Mr Beard teach Y1 & Y2 how to move a helicopter in scratch. They all enjoyed it very much.They were all getting the hang of things and now know how to move a sprite. We also learnt how to do some things too! We hope our year get to do computer club.
Evie (1464013872BSTC+00:00)
Hi. Just like to say I loved today as we made crosses in Y5. We were allowed to choose our own group and researched a Saint. I was working with Hollie and Honor and chose ST we all had a great time painting them this afternoon. I hope we can do it again sometime.
Pam Rose (1462434444BSTC+00:00)
Thank you for making me so welcome when I visited your lovely school on 27th April 2016. I had a wonderful morning, seeing exciting lessons where children were really motivated to learn. Everyone was so friendly and the school is a credit to you all.
Thanks again.
Amelia (1460572338BSTC+00:00)
I can't wait for the celebration of St. Mark's 50 year anniversary.The Bake Off is the first thing we'll be doing. I just can't wait!!! At least we will all get to cake at the end, Yum!
Bethany Year 6 (1458930052GMTC+00:00)
I can't believe that half the year has gone already! I Love year 6 and never want to leave, although I am excited for secondary school.
liz (1458738973GMTC+00:00)
Dear Mr Coakley,

What a lovely morning we all had at your school. We would like to thank you, the staff and the children for such a warm welcome. Everyone from the orchestra was so pleased that the Year 4 children were able to join in, sing and play along with us. It was wonderful to see the performance on YouTube. Finally, it was great to see all the children singing, waving and clapping along with all the songs.
On behalf of the Liverpool Ukulele Orchestra, I would like to thank you all for your hospitality and we hope to see you again at your official 50th celebration in the Summer.

Yours sincerely,
Pat Grace
Evie (1458665348GMTC+00:00)
I would just like to say thank you to Vicky Powell for giving me a brilliant experience in the science workshop. I have learnt a lot of new things. I especially enjoyed making a paper helicopter. I love all the activities we have in our school.
High Sheriff of Merseyside (1458660832GMTC+00:00)
I visited St Marks school this morning with my wife. The main purpose of the visit was to judge the Easter Bonnet Competition. Although this might sound like an easy job it was, because of the very high standard of all of the hats, one of the more difficult tasks I have had to tackle.
It was all hugely enjoyable and I was particularly impressed during my subsequent tour of the school by the quality of the work on display and by the pupils themselves, all of whom were polite, interested and enthusiastic. Thank you for making our visit such a pleasure.
With best wishes,
Robert Owen. High Sheriff.
harvey yr4 (1457632028GMTC+00:00)
I have a really nice teacher, wonderful best mates and I enjoy every day of year 4.
isla (1457124520GMTC+00:00)
St. Mark's is the best school.
Mrs Dunbar (1457044461GMTC+00:00)
What a fantastic morning Reception have had at the library for World Book Day. Your enthusiasm and excitement when reading the books alone, or sharing them with friends, was a pleasure to watch. You even found the story 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' which we have been learning through rhyme and actions. I enjoyed reading the story to you and finding out that it had a different ending to the one we had read in class. Your behaviour was outstanding too - proud teacher alert. Well done!
Mrs Dunbar
kieron (1455890251GMTC+00:00)
I miss you all.
dril (1454752657GMTC+00:00)
This school is the best.
Amelia Y6 (1454519303GMTC+00:00)
I love looking at the pictures from years back, it's really fun to see the great memories from years ago, it puts a smile on my face. I DONT EVER WANT TO LEAVE Y6 OR ST. MARK'S, I LOVE IT HERE AND I'D NEVER CHANGE IT. I Can't wait for Summer though. Mr Cushion is my favourite Teacher.
Charlee [yr 6] (1453394179GMTC+00:00)
I had the greatest time today because we went to watch Rapunzel. I loved it and my buddy was Lola from Reception, hope she had a great time as well. xxx
Cerys (1453393884GMTC+00:00)
I love being in Year 4 with Miss Connell. xx
Jacob (1452946216GMTC+00:00)
I miss you all ALOT and next year I might be coming back to visit. I just wanted to say that I have settled in and I'm having a great time.
Lois kelly (1452872416GMTC+00:00)
I love this school and I love year five. It is the most amazing school I have ever known. My teacher Miss Doyle and Mrs Taylor are the best teachers who have ever tought me.
Lottie (1451575904GMTC+00:00)
I am really missing this school, it has flown by for me and I want to go back badly, I miss all the teachers. I think of all the memories I had in St Mark's everyday and hope to see you soon. XX
liz (1450345754GMTC+00:00)
Hi Richard
I just want to thank you for making Rebecca and myself feel so welcome this morning. It was lovely to meet the staff and children of St. Mark's. The children listened so well and really engaged with us, which was wonderful.
Happy Christmas

liz (1450345634GMTC+00:00)
Dear Richard, I would like to congratulate your children on their wonderful performance at Tuesday's Carol Concert. The sang superbly. Could you please let them know how fantastic they were.

Wishing you a relaxing Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Best wishes
Helen Raley-Williams
Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School
Charlee p (1449856624GMTC+00:00)
I loved doing the Christmas play in school. It was the best I had ever performed. I was an angel and her name was Ariel. I had the funniest part. It is the best Christmas play I have ever done. Thank you to all of the teachers that supported us, Mr.Cushion, Mr Harvey, Mrs Martin, Mrs Taylor, Miss Doyle and all the other teachers that came to watch us.
Thomas Routledge (1449147961GMTC+00:00)
Hi, it's Thomas here. Hope you are all well, I miss you all. I am having a good time in SFX.
Vicky Rhead (1448021079GMTC+00:00)
Thank you to the staff and pupils for my lovely gifts today. It has been an absolute privilege working with you all on Romeo and Juliet over recent weeks and months.

The pupils have worked hard and deserved every single cheer on Wednesday evening. They did such a fantastic job, I was stopped repeatedly by other teachers, parents and theatre goers to be told how excellent they were. "Professional", "Emotional", "Talented", "Special" and "Wow!" are just a few of the wonderful words used to describe them. Some said it was the best production they had ever seen by young people! The High Schools there thought that you shone and the standing ovation they gave you as you left your dressing room brought a tear to my eye!

That final cheer from the audience, drowning out all the other applause and cheers from the night, as you returned to the stage should be a memory that you treasure forever. Congratulations to every one of you!

A huge thank you to the staff of the school who gave up their time in the rehearsals, half term and evening itself. The support you gave your pupils on a cold, wet, November evening at a theatre miles away was phenomenal! Teachers, Teaching Assistant, Support Staff and Volunteers were all there in force. Thank you!
liz (1447908883GMTC+00:00)
To Children and Staff,
On behalf of Merseyaid, I would like to thank you for all the wonderful shopping you donated to the Syrian people. It will be a great help.
Best wishes
Pat White
Jayne Cross (proud mum and governor) (1447904624GMTC+00:00)
Congratulations to the wonderful actors and actresses who took part in the production of Romeo and Juliet at the Epstein Theatre last night. The show was absolutely amazing. All your hard work certainly paid off! We are all very proud of you all. Thank you to all the teachers who have helped with the months of preparations - without you it couldn't have happened and a massive thank you and congratulations to Mrs Rhead the director who has done an outstanding job. Well done guys x
Mrs Farrell (1447872151GMTC+00:00)
What a fantastic night !! Just got back from the Epstein Theatre. St Marks Years 5 and 6 performed Romeo and Juliet. It was an amazing production. The young actors, dancers and performers were excellent. Such skills and confidence on stage. You should all be very proud of yourselves. Many thanks to all the pupils who took part and many thanks to the staff and director who helped produce such a creative, innovative and professional performance. Well done !!
Honor y5 (1447517618GMTC+00:00)
I love Year Five, it is the best. I can't wait to perform Romeo and Juliet at the Epstein Theatre.
Milly Alcock (1445859542GMTC+00:00)
I am happy that I am the girl year 3 school councillor.
liz (1445409042BSTC+00:00)
To the Chair of Governors, St. Mark's.
The celebration of Mass to mark the beginning of the new school year was a most spiritual and engaging occasion. The theme of 'friendship' very relevant to all children. The manner of the teachers quietly in control inspired the children to real involvement in praying and singing. It was a credit to all concerned, creating an atmosphere of quietness so early in the new term, this only comes with preparation and organisation.
Thank you,
Mary Lonsdale
Alicia Harvey (yr5) (1443862605BSTC+00:00)
I love year 5 Miss Doyle always has a warm smile on her face and makes me feel apart of year 5 xxx
Evie [yr 5] (1441428444BSTC+00:00)
It is great being in year 5! Miss Doyle is quite a teacher! I really hope this will be a great year for me.
Milly Alcock (1441205041BSTC+00:00)
My first day back at school was fun.We did lots of fun things today.This is the best school ever!
Milly Alcock (1439898601BSTC+00:00)
I am happy that where going back to school so I can see my friends.
liz (1437387720BSTC+00:00)
To all at St. Mark's,

The past 12 years have gone so fast. We could not have asked for a better Primary School for Alex and Emma, we honestly believe that they have both become the people they are because of all you have done for them both.

We can't believe after Wednesday our St. Mark's days are over, no more Christmas Plays, days at Wavertree track or hoping the weather will be on our side for Sports Day.

Love Paula & Tony Grimsditch
Melanie Smith (1436203909BSTC+00:00)
Fab photographs of PGL!
Milly Alcock (1436187847BSTC+00:00)
I enjoyed our school trip to Gullivers World last week. My favourite ride was the log floom. Miss McMurchie was fun.
Mrs Farrell (1436026630BSTC+00:00)
Looks like everyone really had a wonderful time at PGL. You all showed great courage doing some of the activities on the photos. I love abseiling but not so good on the water. Well done with the rafts and your very brave to sail them on the water !!!!!!
liz (1435562754BSTC+00:00)
I am one of the members of Memory Lane and as you will know your choir has been practising with us for the last few weeks finishing with a performance at the Hollies last Saturday. I am writing to congratulate you on the wonderful children who came to join us. Not only did they sing beautifully but their behaviour was excellent, making it such a pleasure to meet them.
I hope it's not too long before they join us again.
G Leivesley
vicky harris (1435242223BSTC+00:00)
What an amazing bunch St Mark's Junior Choir are! You performed wonderfully on Saturday at the Hollies - the Mayor was moved to tears. You should all feel very proud. Memory Lane have loved working with you all and really hope to see you again soon.
Evie schofield (1435069583BSTC+00:00)
I really enjoyed Saturday!
I enjoyed singing with the members of the Memory Lane Choir. I loved singing with the older people. I hope I can do it again next year!
charlee pritchard (1434819317BSTC+00:00)
Hi, I am in year 5 and I have got the best teacher ever. I love this school to bits!
Miss Grochowina (Governor) (1434619631BSTC+00:00)
I had a lovely visit to the school yesterday and wanted to say 'Thanks' to all who made me feel so welcome. Years 1 and 6 were great company while I experienced school dinners! It was lovely to participate in the afternoon with Year 4, and I particularly enjoyed 'Circle Time' - I can see why you all love it so much! Thanks once again and see you all soon!
Lottie (1431445739BSTC+00:00)
I really miss this school. The teachers were lovely. I especially miss swimming because now I have forgotten how to swim. I also miss doing the plays and all the fun activities. I hope to see you again soon.
liz (1430119127BSTC+00:00)
The Mass on Friday to celebrate the Feast of St. Mark was beautifully spiritual. All concerned were totally involved, not easy given the age range of the children. The readers helped us to appreciate the spirit of the words. The singing and gestures were joyful and conveyed joy to all present. I know all this take times, patience and dedication, my thanks to all involved.
Mary Lonsdale
Milly Alcock (1429798714BSTC+00:00)
I liked doing the activities with the army men today. Thank you!
Tom Leyland (1427742762BSTC+00:00)
I had a great time with the pupils from year 4,5 and 6 today. I was talking to them about my experiences working in an ebola treatment centre in Sierra Leone last month.
The children were all very engaged, interested and attentive - they asked some very good questions.

Thank you for having me, it was a pleasure to meet you all!
Amelia (1427300193GMTC+00:00)
I love our school. Miss Doyle said we will be making pen pals with Miss Bests new school, I'm really looking forward to it . I'll never forget you Miss Best.
Leigh Fredson (1425361177GMTC+00:00)
I attended St. Mark's from 1996 to 2004 and I have such lovely memories of the time I spent there.

I still remember all of the teachers who taught me, namely: Mrs Walberg, Mrs Robinson, Mrs Wyatt, Mrs Smith (née Jones), Mrs Doherty, Mr Beard and Mr Coakley. Mrs Gilbertson was headteacher at the time.

I visited St. Mark's a few years ago as part of my job and I was astounded to see that some of the teachers remembered my face and knew my name!
That gives some indication of the dedication of the staff - they still remembered me almost ten years after I'd left.

Thanks to to all at St. Marks for what were probably the best (and easiest!) years of my life.

milly alcock (1424335648GMTC+00:00)
I like doing Art and Geography with Mr Ledsam.
Cerys p (1423673981GMTC+00:00)
I love St. Marks because of all the kind teachers and I love all of our homework to help us get brainier. Some people don't like homework but it is good for you. from Cerys xxxx
Mrs Farrell (1422803911GMTC+00:00)
I know its a little late but the Christmas Performances were all excellent again. Great singing and acting from all year groups. I really enjoyed them all.
Jenni "Cross" Pettit (1422092988GMTC+00:00)
It was so nice finding the school website to catch up on things at St. Marks since I was there in 2008. Hope this message finds you all well!
Charlee (1420513626GMTC+00:00)
This is the best school ever xxx
liz (1420444469GMTC+00:00)
It's been a real pleasure to work alongside such dedicated and talented staff. You have always made me feel welcome and part of your 'family' at St. Mark's.
With love, Sue Kirkham
Lottie Lawler (1420145603GMTC+00:00)
I miss this school so much, the staff help you with everything especially Mrs Sellers, she helped me a lot. I miss all the staff. I just want to say to Miss Greaves thank you so much helping me with my maths, I have really improved in my new school. Also Miss Best thank you for helping me with my confidence. I wish I could of stayed in St Marks. Love Lottie xxxxx p.s. hope to see you again.
Keira English ❤️❤️ (1420143130GMTC+00:00)
I am really sad I have left this wonderful school, it was such a pity I had to leave. I miss every moment and cherish every memory of this school, the friends I made and the memories I have are amazing. I love this school because all the staff are polite and caring and they will put themselves out just to keep us safe. They help you when you are struggling. I really miss Miss Ferguson and Miss Rigby. I miss all the teachers but they have a special place in my heart. Miss Best is my all time favourite teacher, she is well and truly the best teacher ever. I love this school I wouldn't change a single memory I have ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Summer fox (1419085199GMTC+00:00)
I am so sad that Miss Best has left. I wish she could stay, I have had the BEST moments with her, she is fab I will really miss her.
Charlee (1419018952GMTC+00:00)
I love this school and never want to leave. I hope Miss Best has a nice time in her new school.
Sam Cross (1418958378GMTC+00:00)
I have really enjoyed singing in the carol concert and singing with the philharmonic brass orchestra. I also loved the christmas play.
Jayne Cross (Governor) (1418957911GMTC+00:00)
Well done to everyone who has taken part in all the christmas performances. I've enjoyed them all and your singing was beautiful. We are lucky to have so many talented young people at St Marks. I'd also like to thank the teachers and school staff for all their hard work especially during the last couple of weeks. The props and costumes used were amazing! I loved the giant cracker. Merry Christmas everyone.
charlee pritchard (1418370900GMTC+00:00)
I am enjoying Year 5 and I never want to leave xxxxx
Amelia (1417714984GMTC+00:00)
Hello. St Marks is the best school EVER! I can't wait untill we make our Yule tide logs . St.Marks is the most cheerful school I've ever known. Our school always makes me feel happy when I'm feeling down .
Luke Caig (1416066662GMTC+00:00)
Being in St Marks was the most important thing in my life. All the teachers were very friendly and all members of staff were kind and joyfull. I very much liked being in St Marks. Best wishes, Luke caig
Grace Rhead (1415968118GMTC+00:00)
This week we have been drawing pictures with chalk with Miss Doyle. My other favourite was Miss Ferguson's class because we got to remind ourselves of what they did on Christmas day in 1914. It was the only time the Germans and British got to play football and share stuff together.
Erin Rhead (1415967912GMTC+00:00)
Mr Bouvier's lesson this week was very poignant. We wrote letters to soldiers in the war. I felt like I was going to cry it was so emotional. I have had a brilliant week. I wish we could learn like this every day!
Miss Best (1414203131BSTC+00:00)
Miss Doyle and I LOVED your book about the Tower of London! Now we have put it on the wall in the classroom, everyone can have a look at it. Well done, we are always delighted when children do extra work at home!
I'm really pleased to see children enjoying their new classes, what a positive start to the new school year!
Helen Grochowina. (1413523661BSTC+00:00)
Well done to the School Council who interviewed the Governors this week.
We felt very welcome and noted how you all sat and listened very nicely. We look forward to meeting again to hear some of your suggestions.
Bethany Schofield (1413372287BSTC+00:00)
I love this school.All the lessons are fun in year 5. I'm really enjoying the start of this school year.
Paula Thomas (1413300229BSTC+00:00)
I hope Miss Best likes the book I made at home about the Tower of London. I am at
a great school, there is always fun stuff going on.
Rory Thomas
liz (1412828294BSTC+00:00)
Dear Mr Beard and Mrs Costello,

I just wanted to inform you that I've been successful in my application for Liverpool Hope University PGCE Primary Course.

Again, I'd like to thank you for all your help over the past months and for giving me the opportunity to gain experience in such a lovely class with lovely teachers!

Hope to see you soon.
Best wishes,
Hannah Clark
Milly alcock (1412608963BSTC+00:00)
This is the best school ever. I love being in Year 2 with my new teacher Miss McMurchie, she is the best teacher.
Honor Blundell (1412089732BSTC+00:00)
I love St Marks! It is the best school with the best teachers, especially Mr Bouvier!!
Mia Thomas (1411826837BSTC+00:00)
St Mark's is a loving and caring school.
John Burland (1411456399BSTC+00:00)
What a fantastic school! St Mark's is such a welcoming and friendly place. I visited St Mark's back in June 2014 and had a wonderful morning singing and moving with all the children and teachers as we celebrated our Catholic faith. I hope to see you all again soon. Blessings from Australia, John.
Evie (1410583339BSTC+00:00)
I love year 4. It is the best. So is Mr Bouvier.
Amelia (1409772052BSTC+00:00)
I never want to leave In year 6, but I'll still remember the best school ever.
Isabella D'Ambrosio (1405696250BSTC+00:00)
I am crying my eyes out because i'm leaving soon and even though i've only been here for 2 and a half years, i've had the best time ever. Thanks to Miss Greaves and Miss Ferguson, you have been boss and to Mrs Sellers too. Thanks to all the teachers, you really have put a smile on my face the last few years xxxxxxx
Lois kelly (1405427755BSTC+00:00)
I love this school, it is amazing and I loved the Elizabethan day it was fun. The sport and art were my favourite things.
Mrs Jackson (1404837496BSTC+00:00)
Well done to all the children who attended Hope University for their graduation ceremony. They all looked very grown up. It was a privilege to watch so many awards being given. Lovely speech's and wonderful work displayed on Elizabethan day. Our children really did look HAPPY !!!
Erin (1404317109BSTC+00:00)
The Elizabethan day was fun. My favourite thing was art and I got to paint the landscape. And it was messy! I also liked the role play in History.
Grace Rhead (1404316935BSTC+00:00)
This is the greatest school ever. All the teachers are very nice. I loved the Elizabethan day. My favourite thing was dancing because it was dancing from way in the past.
Evie Schofield (1404224943BSTC+00:00)
I had a brilliant time at the Elizabethan day.This school is full of fun activities.

Evie xxx
As You Like It Drama (1404221109BSTC+00:00)
What a wonderful day we've had celebrating all things Elizabethan! From the athletic talents of year 6 and the beautiful sequence dancing of year 2, to the Shakesperian spells of our mischevious elves and fairies in year 1, the history experts in year 4 and the budding artists of year 3, AYLID Education have enjoyed working with you immensely. It was also lovely to see the Year 6 guides take the lead over the day and their final drama pieces were excellent. Well done to all involved; we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!
Lilil (1403879157BSTC+00:00)
I loved Robinwood!
Katelynne (1403711183BSTC+00:00)
I had a boss time at Robinwood and the memories will stay with me forever.
Isabella d'ambrosio (1403524006BSTC+00:00)
I had a boss time at Robinwood and loved every bit of it. Thanks to all the teachers that came, you are brilliant.
ellie mira (1403438327BSTC+00:00)
I had a brilliant time at Robinwood. Thanks to all the teachers, you are all boss and I never want to leave. Thanks again.
Ellie xxxxxxxx
Mrs Dunbar (1402980053BSTC+00:00)
Well done to all those children in Year 4 and 5, who made their Holy Communion and Confirmation on Saturday!You all looked amazing and your behaviour was outstanding. Well done to those children who were in the choir too- beautiful singing! You made all the staff and parents proud :)
Jayne Cross (1402888990BSTC+00:00)
Congratulations to all the children at St. Marks who made their Confirmation and First Holy Communion at the weekend. You all looked beautiful and handsome! The service was lovely and it was great to see so many teachers there to celebrate with the children.
Sharon Rawlinson (1402397987BSTC+00:00)
Just want to wish all the year 4 and 5 children who are making their Holy Communion/Confirmation on Saturday good luck, hope its sunny.
Tina Griffiths (1399868191BSTC+00:00)
My daughter is in the nursery and has come on leaps and bounds in the last 8 months. I think St Marks is a lovely school with a very personal approach to every child, and would recommend it to anyone, so happy that my little girl will be starting reception in September, and hope every year is as lovely for her as this has been, (I'm sure it will be)
Norman Haddock (1398763578BSTC+00:00)
Just wanted to say that I am SO privileged to be able to come along to St Marks and sing with the children. Every time I step into the school, there is such a warm atmosphere, and absolutely everyone is so very welcoming. The joy I see and feel in there is in the eyes and smiles of everyone. Thank you for making my Tuesday mornings a sheer delight.
Helen Grochowina (1398684743BSTC+00:00)
The St. Mark's Feast Day Mass was lovely with the children's singing and participation. It was really well prepared and a credit to all involved. Felt very uplifted afterwards!
Miss Best (1398668714BSTC+00:00)
I'm delighted to see all these positive comments on the website and the wonderful, fun things you have all been doing at school.
Thank you so much to year 5 for writing to me as I am away on maternity leave. It was so lovely to hear from you all.
I can't wait to come back and see you all soon. I miss St. Mark's lots.
The best of luck to year 6 in the SATS.
Love from Miss Best
NFER Test Admisitrator (1398417784BSTC+00:00)
Dear Mr Coakley and Ms Ferguson
Many thanks again for the warm welcome to school yesterday morning. It was a delight to support your Y6 children whom you must be very proud of. Their attitudes and application are outstanding. Please pass on my very best wishes in their forthcoming SATs and for their transfer to High School.
Best wishes for the future.
Luke (1397745165BSTC+00:00)
This is the best school ever. Especially when we have our trip to Robin Wood . World book day was EPIC when Miss Greaves was scared that year 6 would eat Toto.
James Mulville (1396541371BSTC+00:00)
Never want to leave, and I can't wait for Mrs Dunbars baby to arrive. All our teachers are nice and kind.
Mrs Schofield (1396535235BSTC+00:00)
I would just like to say a huge thank you to the year 6 pupils who helped me create a 'St Mark's Zoo'! Your animal antics ensured a superb stimulus for year 1's writing activity......and kept Mr Cushion, Mrs Burke and I thoroughly entertained. (If not wet through- 'Ellie and Izzy elephant'!!!!!!!!!!)
Evie (1396529473BSTC+00:00)
I love this school, it is the best. I love my teacher Miss Maxwell and I can't wait until she gets married.
Blog Commenting (1396517646BSTC+00:00)
What a wonderful way of passing a Thursday afternoon with my daughter. The children really are a credit both to themselves and their school - keep up the good work!!
Mrs Jackson & Josh (1396498553BSTC+00:00)
A brilliant afternoon spent at school. We enjoyed making lots of Easter crafts from baskets, crowns and cards. There were lots of activities for families to join in together. Thank you to Vicky Powell & team for all your hard work. All the beautiful art work produced by the children showed this. Happy Easter ....
Amelia (1396452581BSTC+00:00)
Hi. I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE YEAR 4 it's awesome!
James (1396429606BSTC+00:00)
BEST SCHOOL EVER!!!! I Never want to leave. I can't wait until Mrs Dunbar has her baby!!
James (1396429252BSTC+00:00)
I love this school!!! The teachers are very kind and I never want to leave!!!
Ceri (1396429055BSTC+00:00)
I think this school is the best.
Amelia and Bethany (1396421867BSTC+00:00)
We love this school and can't wait until Mrs Dunbar has her baby.
Helen Grochowina (1396231959BSTC+00:00)
A really fun afternoon at the Mothers Day craft session. It was great for the parents and kids to get creative and we even got to take home something to grow on our window sills. Thanks for organising this event!
Mrs Dunbar (1396164136BSTC+00:00)
Easter bingo was great fun! All the children seemed to really enjoy it. It was a great afternoon.
naaman sookram (1396128478GMTC+00:00)
I used to go to this school. But had to leave when I had to go back to Barbados. Say hi to Mr Ledsan and Miss Sally.
Lilybarnes (1395243664GMTC+00:00)
This school is good. I used to go there.
lili (1395242866GMTC+00:00)
I love this school.

josh:) (1394372306GMTC+00:00)
I love this school, it is the best and I don't want to leave. I will miss the teachers and the play times. World book day was boss. There were so many good costumes. Everyone thought I was scary especially Miss Greaves, she thought I was going to eat her dog Toto.:)
Summer (1394269122GMTC+00:00)
I love this school. I can't wait until Mrs Dunbar has her baby.
Megan Jckson (1394192095GMTC+00:00)
I love this school. I am so thankful that we have got some caring children,
but most of all I miss miss Best :D
luke caig (1393774685GMTC+00:00)
Our school is the best, especially the new signs out side. This is the best school ever.
Keira (1393673437GMTC+00:00)
I absolutely love this school, everyone is a nice and a friendly person. I would definitely recommend this school. This is a cool school and I never want to to leave!
Nikita healey (1393594130GMTC+00:00)
I love this school, I am glad that Alessio is in my class. I am very happy but very sad that Alessio is leaving.
alan (1393588345GMTC+00:00)
This is the best school ever.
lottie lawler (1392212721GMTC+00:00)
I love this school, it is amazing. The staff are lovely and caring and they look after us very well. I LOVE THIS SCHOOL!!!
Michelle & jersey (1392042636GMTC+00:00)
The pictures are brilliant of the autumn fancy dress x<3
Melanie Smith (1391506306GMTC+00:00)
It was great to look at all the different activities the children at St Mark's have done! It looks like everyone is having lots of fun! I hope you are all working hard!
Love Mrs Smith
PS I have shown the website to the children in my new school!
Helen Grochowina (1389714039GMTC+00:00)
Managed to see 3 of the brilliant Christmas performances. The confident children were fantastic and the commitment and enthusiasm of the teachers shone through. Well done everyone!
Evie (1389361772GMTC+00:00)
This is the best school ever, I love it so much.
Alicia (1388926353GMTC+00:00)
I love this school and my teacher Miss Maxwell
alicia harvey (1387600260GMTC+00:00)
I realy like this school. I loved the Christmas party and breakfast with santa
Drilochan (1387290629GMTC+00:00)
The school play that we did was great! The school Christmas dinner that we had was tasty.
Lochana SK :) ;) (1387288684GMTC+00:00)
The photo of me doing gymnastics on the website is really funny. I am really glad to be part of this school. GO ST MARK'S!
Mrs Jackon & Josh (1387257835GMTC+00:00)
What a fabulous Christmas party the children had at St Marks which was organised by school P.T.A. The children and parents had lots of fun together. Thank you to all parents on P.T.A who have worked really hard over this year. All the Christmas activities have been exciting. Our school community really appreciate your time and commitment you give to our families. Happy Christmas to you all.
Mrs Jackson (1387257379GMTC+00:00)
Just to say "thank you" to all key stage 1 and key stage 2 children and teachers. Your Christmas plays were excellent. The singing, acting, costumes and you all helped me feel the Christmas spirit. You should all be proud....we are.
Ann Farrell (1386894944GMTC+00:00)
Have had the pleasure of watching the Christmas performances and this year they were exceptional. Foundation stage performed brilliantly and sang so well. Key Stage 1 did really well at remembering their lines and Key Stage 2 had everyone wanting to join their Christmas Party. Well done everyone staff and children and especially the solo singers who were great.
Jayne Cross (1386738487GMTC+00:00)
Well done to all the children who sang in the choir last night with The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra at Halewood Academy. You all sang beautifully - it was a lovely evening.
Maciegregory (1386607364GMTC+00:00)
I am missing the school and want to come back to go to PGL again.
Jayne Cross (Governor) (1385699140GMTC+00:00)
I just wanted to say how welcoming and well behaved all the children were last week when I was in school. I was amazed by all the wonderful displays of the childrens work in classrooms and around school. We have some very creative children and teachers! Well done everyone.
Amelia Cooper (1385651692GMTC+00:00)
The choir was great, My Christmas hat was funny! We raised so much money!
Helen Grochowina (1385650054GMTC+00:00)
Had a lovely welcome at the school last week when I came for a visit. Walking round it is apparent that the dedicated staff bring out the best in the pupils. Great school community that I am proud to be part of.
Amelia Cooper (1385043252GMTC+00:00)
Hi, I can't wait until the school play!
luke caig (1384010536GMTC+00:00)
I love this school.
autumn (1381321568BSTC+00:00)
I love this school. It is the best school ever.
Suzanne Harvey (1379924749BSTC+00:00)
Great to see all the pictures of the various activities that have gone on and great to be able to see Alicia hard at work. I think the new website is amazing
Leathers Lane Family Group (1377767144BSTC+00:00)
In summer holidays St Marks school hall was made available for use to the community. Leathers Lane Family Group & Halewood Children's Centre hosted an Enchanted Disco with magic show, face painting, crafts. It was attended by many family's from across the Halewood community. Everyone enjoyed the event and would just like to say a huge thank you to all staff for being so warm and welcoming in the summer break. Special thanks to caretaker who offered excellent support. Thank you all.
pat (1375334986BSTC+00:00)
This is the best school in the world. All the teachers are great and dinner ladies too.
Gemma quane (1374675829BSTC+00:00)
Macie has had the best time in St. Mark's, it is one of the best schools in the UK. Thank you so much for making her so happy.
robert (1374653513BSTC+00:00)
I am going to remember this school because it is the best school I've ever been to.
laura and warrem (1373982305BSTC+00:00)
I would just like to say the sports day was great. Parents/Carers really showed their support to our school. Warren also had a fantastic day at Gulliver's World and the Big Sing was great too. Well done to all students this year.
Ann Gilmore (1373536515BSTC+00:00)
Well done year's 5 & 6 for the wonderful work that you produced in the 'Mad Hatter's and 'Battle of the Bands' Enterprise Workshops. As usual you are a pleasure to work with!! Thank you to the year 5 team who gave me their 'Frog Hat' it has pride of place on my desk.
Mrs Farrell (1373282909BSTC+00:00)
The pictures of the summer fair are great - looks like everyone had a really good time.

I really enjoyed the Talent Show but it was really difficult choosing a winner. Well done to everyone who took part - you are all stars !!!!
carmel and Dot (1373018978BSTC+00:00)
Thank you for inviting us into your welcoming school. The children were very relaxed and well behaved throughout the every day first aid sessions. Teachers particapated in the sessions and were very helpfull. Hope to see you all again. Carmel and Dot, British Red Cross.
Mrs Suresh Kumar (1372512816BSTC+00:00)
Well done to all the St Marks children who took part in Athletics. I had such a great time watching the children doing so well. It reminded me of my school days. Best of luck for the other events.
Mrs Dunbar (1371816288BSTC+00:00)
Well done to all the children who took part in the Brazilica Art Competition! All your paintings were fantastic! The judges chose the following children's paintings for St Mark's art submission: Year 6 - Tom Massey, Dylon Watson, Andrew Parry and Alex Jones. Year 5 - Katelynne Brown. Year 4 - Mae Dooley, Matthew Rawlinson and Alex Grimsditch. Year 3 - Thomas Ives, Bethany Schofield and Ella Cross. Good luck!
Carl Knight (1371745068BSTC+00:00)
Just wanted to say thanks and well done on an excellent induction morning. Your school has a warm, caring feeling and clearly dedicated team. I feel we have made an excellent first choice of school for Lily. I can't say how impressed I am that Miss Connell is taking the time to visit Lily in her nursery before she joins to help her transition. This website is also a credit to the school clear, user friendly with some really engaging content.
Mrs Sellers (1371485052BSTC+00:00)
Thank you to all Year 6 for a fabulous weekend at PGL. I hope that you all enjoyed it as much as me. Well done for trying all the activities, I am so proud of you all.
Sharon Rawlinson (1371037344BSTC+00:00)
New site is fab. Love all the photos of Matt having fun while learning at school.
Richy Schofield (1369407129BSTC+00:00)
The new website looks brilliant, I found the parents information section particularly useful. It was also great to see Bethany & Evie on photographs of the activities that they have spoken about at home!
Angelo D'Ambrosio (1369061282BSTC+00:00)
New website looks great, one thing that would be a really helpful addition is to be able to see/ download term dates and the dates of school holidays in the parents area (assuming its not already there and I've missed it!)

School reply:- What a great idea! This information is supplied in the Prospectus, however we will create a new file and upload it under 'Parents Information'. Many thanks for your comments.
Sean everitt (1369049939BSTC+00:00)
Cadin has only been in the school a few months and he loves it, he can not wait to get into school in the morning and he has made some good friends . Cadin has come a long way with his reading as he was only on stage 1 and now he is on stage 3. We are very proud of him.
Lochana Suresh Kumar (1368977909BSTC+00:00)
I think this is a very good website, also the photos are great, the slideshow is a brilliant idea! The website has plenty of attractive features. I am very happy to have visited the website!
V SureshKumar (1368974391BSTC+00:00)
The new website is looking really great. Waiting for Reception pictures to see Drilochan. Enjoyed watching Lochana with her friends.
Definitely will make parents to visit the website often. Good luck.
Jayne Cross and Ella & Sam (1368185535BSTC+00:00)
It is lovely to see photographs of what the children are doing in school - Sam has enjoyed reliving the Halewood triangle outing, and Ella has enjoyed telling me about her plant experiment.
The new website is great, very colourful, eye catching and user friendly, well done all involved.

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