Mission Statement Aims and Objectives

‘In a caring Christian community, together we love, learn, laugh and achieve.’


Christ /Gospel Values



·        To encourage everybody to live the Gospel values of tolerance, honesty, forgiveness, truth, justice and peace.

·        To recognise Christ in everyone we meet.



We will do this by

·        valuing everyone as diverse individuals

·        treating everyone with love and respect regardless of differences

·        promoting Gospel values through example

·        teaching the Archdiocesan Religious Education Programme through the Come and See Scheme.

·        sharing daily Collective Worship together

·        celebrating achievements in assemblies

·          encouraging all individuals to take responsibility for their own actions

·        supporting Parish catechists in their role in preparing children for the Sacraments and helping pupils to understand the importance and significance of the Sacraments 

·       behaviour Policies to ensure everyone is cared for, happy and safe 




·        To provide a broad, balanced, relevant curriculum.

·        To help each individual to achieve their full potential.

·        To make learning fun.



We will do this by:

·        providing a safe, secure, stimulating learning environment

·        developing a differentiated curriculum for all individual needs

·        providing equal opportunities for all

·        promoting a healthy lifestyle and environment

·        individual, class and whole school target setting

·        Learning Mentor support for individuals and groups of children

·        Giving pupils a voice through

              School Council

              Circle time

              Wish and Worry box

·        offering a variety of after school clubs

·        celebrating praise assemblies and weekly awards

·        weekly awards

·        Breakfast Club

·        encouraging parents to work in partnership with the school

·        encouraging staff to take part in regular CPD






·        to promote a spirit of partnership within the community that enhances the life of the school

·        to promote an open and welcoming atmosphere to all

·        to encourage involvement in and responsibility within the local community

·        to raise awareness of wider and global community



We will do this by:


·        promoting mutual respect within our school community,  where every individual feels valued

·        looking after the school and the wider local environment

·        valuing the work of the School Council

·        providing opportunities for cooperative games

·        fund raising for CAFOD, Good Shepherd and other good causes

·        developing multicultural activities within the curriculum

·        supporting Parish involvement in the Sacraments

·        inviting the community to assemblies and other celebrations

·        developing collaboration with other schools

·        supporting  St. Mark’s  PTA

·        holding Open Evenings and parent drop-ins

·        weekly Newsletters

·        visits to local places of interest

·           sharing our school building with Hollies Playgroup, St. Mary’s Nursery, Drama and Dance club and SN Sport




A St. Mark’s child is a happy child!

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  • Fir Avenue, Halewood, L26 0XR, United Kingdom
  • Tel: 0151-288-8910
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