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Diary Dates for Families 2017-18


DATE:           TIME:             MEETING:                        VENUE:
Monday 18/09/17                        6.00pm

Registration Meeting

St. Mark's School           

Saturday 14/10/17 12noon/1.00pm/2.00pm Family Session 1 St. Mark's Church
Monday 06/11/17 4.45-5.45pm/6.00pm-7.00pm    Family Session 2 St. Mark's School
Monday 20/11/17 4.45-5.45pm/6.00pm-7.00pm Family Session 3 St. Mark's School

Each family to attend one of the following Reconciliation Services - sign up at Session 3

Tuesday 05/12/17                       4.00pm/5.00pm                      RECONCILIATION                Holy Family Church        
Thursday 07/12/17 5.00pm/6.00pm RECONCILIATION  Holy Family Church
Friday 08/12/17 6.00pm RECONCILIATION  Holy Family Church
Saturday 09/12/17 4.00pm RECONCILIATION    Holy Family Church
Monday 29/01/18                        4.45-5.45pm/6.00pm-7.00pm Family Session 4                  St. Mark's School           
Monday 26/02/18 4.45-5.45pm/6.00pm-7.00pm Family Session 5 St. Mark's School           
Monday 19/03/18 4.45-5.45pm/6.00pm-7.00pm Family Session 6 St. Mark's School           
Monday 23/04/18 4.45-5.45pm/6.00pm-7.00pm Family Session 7 St. Mark's School           
Monday 30/04/18 6.00pm 2nd Parent Meeting St. Mark's School           


W/C 21/05/18 11.00am Celebrations in Schools All 3 Schools - TBC 


                                   Parish of St. John Vianney - MASS TIMES                             

Saturday                                                                                 Sunday

5.15pm at Holy Family Church                                                   9.15am at St. Mark's Church

                                                                                               11.00am at Holy Family Church

Children will be given stickers by catechists in church at the end of each Mass


If you have any queries, please contact Kami Lester on 07881 817799

email: vianneywya@gmail.com

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