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Please download the attached School Admissions critera, or alternatively click on the link below to view Knowsley Council School’s Admission Arrangements.

Transfer to Secondary School

Knowsley Education Committee, in accordance with the policy laid down in the booklet “Knowsley Secondary Education Admissions” makes the Allocation of pupils to Secondary School. A copy of this booklet is available on Knowsley Council website, applications are made online.

Children from St. John Vianney Parish, who attend St. Mark’s Catholic Primary School, are eligible to transfer to St. Francis Xavier’s Catholic High School for boys, St. Julie’s Catholic High School for girls (Liverpool. LA) or St. Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic Centre for Learning, Whiston (Knowsley LA). Children have also successfully transferred to a number of other secondary schools.

The teachers from both sectors also work together to resolve any pastoral and curricular problems that may occur.


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